Marshall McLuhan, a famous philosopher, came up with many concepts such as “The Medium is the Message“, and “The Global Village”, which have been extremely influential concepts within today’s society. Decades ago, McLuhan predicted how media would shape society and, essentially, viewed media as “extensions of the human nervous system” and “the goal of media studies as […]

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One aspect of McLuhan’s argument in “The Medium is the Massage” is the idea of “printing: a ditto device”. McLuhan argues that the medium is an extension of ourselves. The medium affects our psyche and body in ways we that do not even recognize, making it more powerful than the message, which simply exercises our conscious […]


“The medium is the message. This is merely to say that the personal and social consequences of any medium – that is, of any extension of ourselves – result from the new scale that is introduced into our affairs by each extension of ourselves, or by any new technology.”             […]

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